Shopify SEO services from an expert team

Shopify has taken the e-commerce made easy motto to the next level. There’s no question why over 4 million online stores are powered by this platform.

Shopify is:

  • feature-packed,
  • easy to set up,
  • comes with access to loads of attractive templates, and
  • requires little to no coding background.

What’s not to love?

Well, a few things actually — SEO-friendliness being one of them.

It’s one thing to have a nice online store, but it’s another to have a lot of customers find your site on Google to buy your products. To do the latter, you need a solid SEO framework in place — one that’s unique to Shopify and tailored to your products.

Shopify’s built-in SEO configuration has improved a lot over the years, but it’s still far from perfect. It still requires technical knowledge and SEO experience to get collections, product pages, and blog posts to rank the way you need them to.

We understand the nuances and weaknesses of this platform because we’ve worked with it for years. We’ve helped many businesses to dial in their SEO strategy, and we’re here to help you with our Shopify SEO services.

My team is skilled at acquiring and building businesses that sell products on Amazon. Part of our growth strategy, however, is to sell outside of this marketplace. Shopify is our platform of choice when it comes to e-commerce sales.

While we have the capability to manage the brand and products behind each Shopify store, we don’t have the in-house expertise or capacity to run the SEO campaigns.

Dialed Labs is our partner of choice when it comes to getting more organic search traffic to our Shopify stores. Not only do they get the results we are looking for, but they are also efficient with both our time and money.

Marc Roca

Marc Roca

CEO, Go-Roca

Your Shopify SEO campaign should attract, engage and convert

Your online visibility directly impacts your revenue. If a buyer can’t find your store when they search for the products that you sell, they’ll end up spending their money with your competition.

Not only are you missing out on that sale, but you also miss out on all of the other things that come with increased visibility, like:

  • growing your remarketing audience,
  • newsletter subscribers,
  • repeat purchases,
  • social media shares,
  • word of mouth,
  • and so on.

To tackle this problem, you need a bulletproof SEO strategy that’s unique to Shopify.

But more importantly, someone needs to follow through on that strategy with the execution required to make it a reality — both of which we can provide.

Taking your Shopify store from zero to hero

Shopify is a done-for-you e-commerce solution that gives you a whole bunch of features right out of the box. Carrier shipping, payment processing, reporting, sales automation tools, staff accounts, and loads of integration options, it’s amazing.

That said, the SEO side of things isn’t as straightforward. There’s a lot more to it than just using the built-in SEO functionality to include keywords in titles, meta descriptions, and page content.

Our Shopify SEO services can assist with:

  • Developing a simple, yet deeply researched content strategy that includes:
    • Keyword research to find the language your customers are using in Google to find your products.
    • Content mapping to be sure your site is structured for maximum exposure.
  • Optimizing your existing content — collections, product pages and blog posts.
  • Technical SEO auditing, and ongoing maintenance so your SEO campaign is built on a strong foundation.
  • Building authority in the eyes of Google by manually building backlinks on relevant websites to your industry.
  • Seeking opportunities to improve internal linking, keeping customers on your site for longer, increasing email signups, conversion rate, and average order value.

Benefits of hiring a team of Shopify SEO experts

Technology has made it easier to get away without needing experts. The days of needing a team of developers to build an e-commerce empire are long gone.

For the most part, DIY works, but when it comes down to short-cutting years of learning, it’s wise to get help. By engaging our experienced team, you can leverage decades of SEO experience.

Here are some specific ways you can level up your Shopify store by working with our team.

A better understanding of your audience — keyword research

At the core of every SEO strategy lies keyword research. When your target audience searches in Google for your products, they might be using very different words to the ones you do.

By researching and studying the terminology they are using, we get loads of insight. Most specifically, how far into the buying cycle they are, and what it’s going to take to bring them to your online store.

Keywords are your guide when it comes to creating content that works. We’ll help you target the right keywords in your niche and leverage them to generate sales.

Adapt faster than your competition

In a highly populated and competitive environment like e-commerce, it’s vital that you one-up your competition. Constant fine-tuning is the name of the game.

The best Shopify stores consistently keep their SEO strategy in tune with the latest algorithm updates by Google.

They keep tweaking their content and the technical side of things in order to rank and stay ranked.

Build credibility with backlinks

Authority flows through the internet in the form of links. When credible, high-value websites link to your online store, Google sees it as a vote of confidence and rewards you with better rankings. If there was only one reason why Amazon ranks so well in Google, this would be it.

We’ll help you to create a market-leading backlink profile while also optimizing your internal linking structure, to make sure your authority flows throughout your site nicely.

By leveraging platforms like HARO and using niche edits, we can earn high-quality backlinks from websites that get real traffic, meaning you get both authority, and exposure at the same time.

Catch SEO issues before losing sales — regular site auditing and fixes

While the hosting and SSL of Shopify gives you more stability than other e-commerce platforms, it’s hardly the full picture.

We all make mistakes. When someone on your team makes a change like updating a product description or installing a new Shopify app, they may also be accidentally jeopardizing your hard-earned Google rankings.

Or maybe the product information PDF you are linking to on a manufacturer’s website has since been removed, now leaving a broken link on your site.

Our technical SEO maintenance process involves weekly auditing of your site in an effort to catch changes that put your organic search traffic at risk. When we discover a problem, we’ll fix it ASAP. It’s all about reducing risk and maximizing your upside.

Conversion and rank-optimized content

Your SEO efforts can be rendered useless if your content is not up to the mark. The last thing you want is more customers visiting your store but turning away as a result of poorly written or formatted content.

Our managed SEO services include optimizing your existing content. For many Shopify sites, collection pages represent a great opportunity so we often start here, then proceed to product pages and blog posts.

By optimizing the copy on your website for keywords and making it more compelling, not only are you one step closer to more website visitors, they’re one step closer to buying from you.


Understandably, you want to understand what we’re actually doing. Whether you are working with us on a monthly basis or for one-time SEO work, we pride ourselves on our reporting.

We keep it simple, telling you what we’ve worked on, in addition to the ensuing results.

If you’re on board with one of our managed SEO service plans, ensuring the success of your Shopify SEO campaign means we need to be monitoring it closely.

We track important metrics such as traffic and keyword rankings on a daily basis, while more intensive monitoring of link building and site health takes place on a weekly basis.

At the end of each month, you’ll receive a report that tells you exactly where your online store stands, and how our SEO efforts are impacting performance.

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