Managed SEO services: get the work done for you

SEO is time consuming work. But when done correctly and consistently, with someone reliable executing on it, organic search marketing provides an incredible return on investment.

But finding someone reliable, to do the work correctly, and executing your strategy consistently, is much easier said than done.

Finding someone who has the knowledge and experience to do it correctly, doesn’t mean they can actually execute your SEO strategy month after month.

And building your own team to execute on a strategy that you create yourself is basically a full-time job.

That’s why we offer managed SEO services.

It’s like having an SEO expert, web developer, content manager, and link building professional working for you, but it costs far less, and you don’t have to micro-manage them at all.

We simply get on with the work and report back to you once a month.

More visitors and e-commerce sales

They helped me to get an understanding of both where my business’s SEO was at and were able to paint a picture of where it could be. They have a deep understanding of SEO but were able to explain it in a way that I could understand.

Since working with them, I’ve seen an increase in customers viewing my website and sales as a result.

Damien Nosella

Damien Nosella

Co-founder, Production Privee

What’s involved?

Well, SEO has some key elements:

  • Keyword research: seeking out the terms your customers are using and assessing these against your competition.
  • Technical: changes to code and configuration of your website, often improving small elements that affect every page of your site.
  • On-page: content based changes on a page-by-page basis. Sometimes this involves writing new paragraphs, adding images or internal links, or changing the title or meta description of existing blog posts.
  • Off-page: increasing the ‘authority’ of your website and pages through backlinks and citations. Quality, not quantity is key here.
  • Tracking & reporting: terms from the research phase are tracked. Your rankings against these are one of my success metrics, along with visitors and website goals

What can I expect to happen, and when?

In the first month of your SEO campaign, we’ll perform keyword research, then we’ll map each existing page on your website to one or more of those keywords.

These keywords are then imported into our tracking system, which we’ll use as a success metric to track how your website is performing in Google.

At the same time, we’ll begin a full technical audit of your website to make sure nothing is holding you back.

We’ll also set your site up in our reporting system, which pulls data from multiple, premium sources to make sure that we can correctly report on your campaign’s progress.

From the second month onwards, we’ll complete technical, on-page, and off-page tasks to ensure that your website is in ‘good SEO health’. Some examples of what this involves include:

  • Technical: correcting your website’s theme to use tags properly, fixing robots.txt or noindex tags, making your website load faster, optimizing the sitemap.
  • On-Page: changing text within a page or blog post, image filenames, title tags, URLs, internal linking.
  • Off-Page: organizing a relevant link or mention of your brand via HARO.

In the first week of each month, you’ll receive a personal report, written by a human detailing what happened in the month prior.

Delegate the hassle with managed SEO services

By engaging our team, you delegate some (or all) of the responsibility associated with your website’s SEO.

Think of it as having your own SEO department within your business, only you don’t have to spend months finding the right people, then training them.

We come pre-trained, with proven strategies ready to go. If one of us is sick, someone else fills in. You get what you paid for, every month.

You can get on with giving your attention to the tasks that need it the most, and know that your website is in good health from Google’s point of view.



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