High quality, manual link building services

Backlinks are the rocket fuel that can propel your website closer to Google’s coveted #1 spot. Not all links are equal though — some carry a ton of credibility, while others can do more harm than good.

Getting quality links from real websites is easier said than done.

The internet is a goldmine of linking opportunities. To dominate search engine result pages, you need to capitalize on these opportunities — something that requires knowledge, connections, creativity, flexibility, and a heap of manual outreach.

That’s where we come in.

At Dialed Labs, our SEO link building service is designed to:

  • Boost your domain’s authority,
  • Enhance organic rankings,
  • Where possible, bring in referral traffic, and
  • Use safe anchor texts aimed to keep your current rankings safe.

Build a bulletproof backlink profile

We love helping businesses grow through SEO — we’ve done it for over a decade. Through this journey, we’ve seen SEO evolve from being something few people believed even worked, to the $50 billion industry it is today.

As you might imagine, we’ve learned some key lessons in this time. Lessons that we’re happy to share with you.

Our team of SEO scientists has cracked the code to building the perfect backlink profile for businesses in niches such as:

  • automotive,
  • finance,
  • healthcare,
  • home improvement,
  • hospitality,
  • legal services,
  • real estate,
  • travel, you name it.

Yeah, we’ve managed this for legitimate companies in the CBD, gaming, nicotine, and vaping niches too.

Here’s what you get when you buy our manual link building services…

Establish your position

Ranking well can be relatively easy — staying ranked is the hard part. Top competitors in every niche will try to outrank each other by consistently building their authority.

When the top websites stop putting in the effort, they often stop becoming a top website within a year, as they are pushed on to page #2, #3, or beyond.

Backlinks are among the strongest signals that Google relies on to gauge the credibility of your website. The better your links are, the harder it will be for your competitors to outrank you.

So if you want to dominate the search results and see to it that your site doesn’t budge from page #1, you need a healthy backlink profile.

You can rely on us to build a customized and targeted backlink campaign to achieve the spotlight that your website deserves.

Grab that long-tail traffic

Out of sight is out of mind — your website will only be seen and remembered if you make repeat appearances in your customer’s life.

So while it’s important to stay ranked for those few high-volume keywords, there’s a whole host of other opportunities you want to tap into as well.

If you want all the eyeballs you can get, you’ll want links pointing to pages on your site that support your main pages. For e-commerce Shopify sites this can mean ranking your accessory products, as these customers can be upsold to your most profitable products later.

On the other hand, service businesses can rank blog posts on how to do it yourself. In many cases, doing it yourself turns out to be a huge task, and when they realize it is cheaper to simply pay for a service provider, they are already familiar with your business.

When your website shows up for a wide variety of keywords in your niche, your entire marketing campaign begins to snowball. You get more organic backlinks, more people share your site on social media, your business stays in each visitor’s mind for them to remember later, and your remarketing audiences grow.

Gain referrals

There’s more to backlinks than just link juice. If your links are placed in existing content that is contextually relevant, there’s a high chance that someone will click on your link and discover your website.

This is known as a referral.

Although our service doesn’t guarantee referrals, it’s something we try to incorporate and can be a nice side benefit when all goes right.

In general, the more relevant backlinks your site has, the more likely you will see referral traffic increase in your Google Analytics account.

Why should I care about link building?

Publishing high-quality, well optimized content on your technically-sound website is only half the battle won. To make it to page #1 and stay there, every aspect of your SEO strategy needs to be executed on.

If you have a website and you want to rank it, you will need links eventually. There are no two ways about it.

Every backlink counts as a vote of approval. The more backlinks you can win, the better reputation your site has, and the easier it is for you to rank.

Sure, link building is not easy. It requires a lot of effort, flexibility, testing, resources, and, most importantly, patience.

But when you get a taste for those page #1 rankings, you’ll understand why seasoned SEOs spend so much time and energy finding ways to get them.

Your competitors are doing it

Maintaining rankings involves consistent effort. Sure, you can take a month off, but if you put your website on the back burner for a year, chances are that your website will start slipping.

A featured snippet becomes position #2. Then #3, and before you know it, you’re on page #2, far from the eyes of your target audience.

To prevent that from happening, and to make sure you don’t get outranked, you need to stay on top of your game and consistently push your brand further ahead of your competitors.

Content alone is not enough

Content gets the ball rolling but it’s not the be-all and end-all of an SEO strategy.

What’s the point of having great content if no one’s reading it? That’s wasted resources that aren’t earning their keep.

There are many facets to SEO success and the result is always greater than the sum of its parts.

In addition to content, different elements such as internal linking and technical fixes need to come together in combination with a strong backlink profile. Only then can you see the results you expect.

Links are the internet’s currency

In an ideal world, Google might not rely on backlinks. Or maybe every backlink would be editorially placed, with websites only naturally linking to each other. But we don’t live in an ideal world.

The current SEO landscape has made link building a necessity.

There is a barrier to entry to ranking in Google these days, and the price of entry is your site’s backlink profile. Backlinks effectively have a monetary value associated with them, which is why some people call them the currency of the internet.

Naturally won, completely organic, editorial links do exist — but they’re rare and you don’t win them until your site is ranking in the top positions. You have to be seen to earn them. Ironic isn’t it?

Most ‘whitehat backlinks’ that you see today are placed using strategies that are designed to outsmart comply with Google’s guidelines on link building. This includes strategies like guest posts, niche edits, and the use of PR platforms such as HARO.

If you want results, you need to take action. The possibility of getting natural links from real sites is very slim and extremely slow.

In times like these, business owners and marketers need to take care of what they can control, and ‘encourage’ organic growth to happen.

You want Google to take your website seriously

Google sees every backlink as a vote of approval. In general, the more you have, the more they reward you. Of course, the quality of your backlinks also matters.

The not-so-secret recipe for what Google considers a quality backlink is topical relevance + authority.

Incoming links will ideally come from a site that is topically relevant to your content, and the page (often by virtue of the domain it is on) that the links are coming from will be high authority.

Finding links like these involves reaching out to thousands of websites and tapping into existing connections. And their connections. And the connections’ connections. You get the point.

Key components of our link building service

While we love experimenting many link building strategies on our own sites, we won’t test on yours. For client sites, we stick to the methods that we have proven to work, are effective, and consistently yield results.

So when it comes to offering high quality link building services, we turn to good old public relations and curated links — also called niche edits.

When you use Dialed Labs to build your site’s link profile you:

  • Don’t need to choose anchor text: sometimes it can take longer than you’d think trying to find safe and natural anchor texts for your links. Our team does this day in, day out, so we’ve had some practice! When you work with us, you can save yourself that time.
  • Don’t need to deal with objections: it’s rare to get a link the first time you try. Rejections (as well as being marked as spam) are the norm, and once you get past those, objections are next. You need patience, resilience and flexibility to move past those objections and get the link you want. We handle this for you.
  • Don’t need to check if they are nofollowed: While nofollow, sponsored and ugc attributes are part of a natural link profile, you shouldn’t be paying for them. It’s likely that you’ll get some of these while working with us, but we don’t consider them a win for you. When we confirm fulfilment of your order, you can be sure they will all be followed by search engines.
  • Don’t need to write content: unlike guest posting which requires you to either write or hire writers, our link building strategies don’t require you to provide any content at all. Whatever content that’s needed will either be written by the site owner, or in-house by one of our team members.

Here’s how we build links…

Press pitches using platforms like HARO

Public relations is a great way to consistently get backlinks from high authority publications. HARO is one such platform that we use for the purposes of SEO.

HARO is short for Help A Reporter Out — it’s an online PR platform used by journalists and reporters that helps them to find quotes and credible sources of information to include in their content. It’s not the only platform we use, but it’s one of the most important.

Our HARO link building service is designed to leverage this platform to bring you quality links from high authority media channels.

Niche edits

Curated links, or niche edits is a link building strategy that focuses on having your backlinks edited into existing blog posts or pages on independently operated websites that are relevant to your industry or niche.

The existing content is updated with a link to your website, typically with a new sentence or paragraph to keep everything in context.

Niche edits are a go-to link building strategy for many of our clients for good reason — if you want to see quick results and gain organic visibility but are a budget, they are tough to beat.


Here are some of the most common questions that people ask about our link building services.

How will link building help grow my business?

Link building in isolation is unlikely to change much. It’s one piece of the puzzle that makes up your SEO campaign. The aim of our backlinking services is to help boost the overall credibility and ranking metrics of your website.

A well managed SEO campaign will bring in additional search traffic and give you greater exposure, which in turn creates further organic exposure on social networks, discussion forums, and so on. The outcome can mean new revenue from many different sources.

Why shouldn’t I just write great content and wait for natural links?

This depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your website, who your competitors are, and what industry you’re in. While it is possible to rank without actively building any links, you’re leaving yourself exposed to just one savvy competitor who can take your business away with ease.

After years of building and growing sites for ourselves and others, we’ve found that maintaining a steady flow of organic search traffic and keeping rankings in Google requires link building efforts.

Is there a limit to how many links I can order?

No, there is no limit on the number of backlinks you can order, but we may have trouble fulfilling more than 20 per month — especially in your first month.

We encourage that your campaigns remain consistent. For example, trying to gain 100 links in one month and none in the following month is not a good idea. Google can pick up on these things and it might come across as unnatural.

If you are in need of a large number of links, please contact us first so we can be sure we can accommodate your needs as it can take us a few months to get up to speed.

How long will these links last?

Ideally, these links will remain live, and dofollow, for years. But keep in mind that they are going on real, living websites, and websites change.

Over time some loss over is expected. Maybe that article is rewritten and your link is removed, maybe the article is merged with another one, maybe the site is changed and all external links are attributed with a nofollow tag automatically.

In general, however, we expect around 85% of your links to remain live for 2 years and beyond.

If your link is removed within 3 months of your order, we’ll either get it back on that site or build a new one for you, no questions asked, no stress.

Can I write my own content?

While our team of writers suggest where your link should go in their content and the words that surround it, the website’s editor or owner will ultimately write the additional content.

We cannot incorporate your text.

What is your average turnaround time?

Our average turnaround time is 30 days. After a few months of working on your campaign we can get this closer to 21 days, but also be aware that during holiday seasons it can take a little longer too.

Still have questions? Please get in touch with us with your query and we’ll get back to you.