Monthly SEO packages with clear tasks on retainer

In the early days of digital marketing, SEO could pass as a project, but today, it’s a process. Search engines are smarter, consumers are savvier, and the bar for quality is high.

So how does a business survive in a competitive, dynamic environment like this? How do you rank #1 and stay there?

How do you make sure that your website is always in the spotlight, when your competition fights for the same position?

The only way to do this is by consistently testing new methods, staying aware of the latest standards, and putting in the hard work. Problem is, that you can’t do this alone — even for a small business, this is a full-time job.

What you need is a partner who you can trust to not only craft your SEO strategy, but reliably execute on it, month after month.

You need a proactive team that doesn’t require micromanaging. A team who will quietly get on with the work without you having to crack the whip.

We are that team.

Bespoke SEO packages — scalable growth on a monthly retainer

SEO is a lot like car maintenance. You can’t just perform one thorough service and then drive it for 100,000 miles. No matter how great those one-time fixes were, it will break down at some point due to neglect.

If you want SEO to keep working hard for your business, avoid losing rankings and keep customer acquisition costs low, somebody needs to be paying attention. Someone who is ready to put in the day to day work.

That’s why SEO is something that you can’t simply outsource once and expect to work effectively for a decade to come.

In today’s increasingly competitive online environment, search ranking success requires consistent effort from not only smart, but energetic people over many months and — if you truly want to dominate, years.

So if you want to weave SEO into the fabric of your organization’s digital marketing strategy, meet clearly defined deliverables every month, and bring a group of professionals on board, who work as an extension of your own team, consider our monthly SEO packages.

Benefits of having an SEO agency on retainer

When you hire a team of SEO professionals on a monthly retainer, you’re not just paying them to complete a specific set of tasks each month.

You’re paying them to be aware of changing best practices, testing new strategies, developing new processes, and integrating their findings into the work they’re doing for you.

You’re also paying them to think critically about the challenges that are unique to your business.

And most importantly, you’re paying them to help your business to rank better in Google, bring in more traffic, and contribute to achieving your marketing goals.

Below you’ll find some of the key benefits of hiring an SEO agency like ours on a retainer basis, when compared with an SEO consultant or freelancer for one-time projects.

It fosters a strategic partnership

Having a team of SEO professionals on a monthly retainer ensures that your site is monitored constantly. If you keep on-boarding a new team each time you run into SEO trouble, they have to spend time learning about your site, and where the previous team left off.

That time spent doesn’t only cost your business, it costs your time in back and forth communication, as well as potential results that could have been achieved.

Given the interconnected nature of website development, content and SEO, it makes sense to have a single team monitoring your website’s health, doing both growth and maintenance work, tracking results, and reporting on all of the above.

You get a hired vendor trusted partner

Having a retainer type engagement shifts the mindset of both parties involved — instead of thinking of the arrangement as hourly labor, it is thought of as a value driven partnership. After all, you want a trusted partner, not just a hired vendor.

This works both ways. When partnering with an SEO agency like Dialed Labs, we are incentivized to get results, otherwise, we may find you don’t want to renew the retainer next month. This aligns our interests.

It’s money (and time) well spent

Contrary to popular belief, when you hire an agency on retainer, it incentivizes them to work as efficiently as possible — not the other way around. This is because you’re paying based on output and not hours spent.

If you pay a freelancer based on time rather than output, are they really going to work as efficiently as possible? They are incentivized to ask more questions in meetings, send you more emails, and cost more of your time.

We’re entirely the opposite! After we map out your SEO strategy, we go about putting in the work for you, month after month. While we aim to keep you informed of progress, we rarely require you to respond. We’ll only ask you to do so if you need something truly important.

Our clients are always on the same page as us, and they know exactly when they can expect their work to be completed. Working with us is well worth your limited time.

A steady flow of quality leads

Whether you’re running a B2B sales campaign or selling B2C, new business is the name of the game.

Sure, the name might change from leads to audience, or clients to customers, but ultimately all businesses want more people to see be aware of them, for those people to be interested in doing business, and to be ready to buy what they’re selling.

If you want a reliable inbound flow of new people to discover and show interest in what you are selling, SEO is tough to beat. Our monthly SEO services are an extremely affordable way to:

  • generate new sales leads and inquiries,
  • grow your remarketing audiences,
  • increase brand awareness,
  • launch new products or categories,
  • learn more about your clients and customers, and
  • keep customer acquisition costs down.

Our most popular monthly SEO services at a glance

Before giving thought to which of services you want us to provide on a monthly basis, take some time to learn how we can help with your your website.

Content optimization

Our content optimization service combines the best of both worlds; content marketing and SEO. By updating the existing articles or product pages on your website and optimizing them for today’s SEO standards, we help you to regain lost rankings and re-establish a strong position in Google.

Given the competitive nature of search engine optimization, we find this to be an excellent service to bring your site up to date and make it that much more difficult for your competition to outrank you.

HARO link building

HARO, short for Help A Reporter Out, is an online PR platform used by journalists and reporters. It helps them to find credible sources of information which they can use in their articles.

We’ve helped many businesses to leverage this platform (among others) to enhance the credibility of their websites by earning quality HARO backlinks from high-authority media channels.

Internal link optimization

Keeping an eye out for internal linking opportunities and redistributing your existing “link juice” across your website is important for SEO.

Our internal link optimization service is perfect for this task. It’s a quick-win strategy that helps to interlink important pages on your website.

This helps Google and your users to better understand the context of your website. It also leads to people spending more time on your website as it’s easier for them to find what they’re looking for.

A longer time spent on your site means more trust. Trust helps to convince visitors to make an inquiry or a purchase. What’s not to like?

Keyword research

There’s a lot more to keyword research than you may have read. Instead of presenting you with a plain, unformatted list of keywords that you could’ve found yourself, we do things a little differently.

Our keyword research service employs a demand first strategy, which means that we only recommend content that people are actually looking for.

The process begins with competitor research — we scrutinize who’s ranking, why, and what they’re doing differently. We then consider the nuances of your niche, your products, and your business goals before we compile a list of keywords.

Then, we combine this with our keyword mapping service to give you a structured, page-by-page guide to your site.

It’s a lot of work, but this process helps to discover those hidden opportunities that lazier marketers can’t find. More importantly, it ensures that you get the maximum return on investment from the content that you publish.

Niche edits

Supercharge your backlink profile with niche edits — an effective strategy that involves having your site linked to from existing blog content, on independently operated websites that are relevant to your niche.

These links are edited into existing articles, so you don’t need to wait for months for them to go live. It works a bit like guest posting, minus the requirement (and cost, and time) to write entirely new articles.

Though some niches are more difficult than others, we seek out opportunities that are contextually correct. Ideally, this means the site itself is relevant to your niche, but when that isn’t possible the topic of the post will be.

Technical SEO auditing & fixing, maintenance & monitoring

Generally, technical SEO audits are completed without any fixes. You pay a good deal of money for a nice report and a meeting, but no actual execution.

While that works for some businesses, most are then left with more work than they started with — the responsibility of hiring, managing, and paying a developer to implement the fixes for you.

Finding a trustworthy developer who will execute these fixes at a budget you can afford is only half of the challenge. It’s not uncommon for new issues to arise along the way when someone without a strong background in SEO tries to fix your site.

To tackle this, we strongly believe in the ongoing auditing, fixing and monitoring of your site in a way that gives you a single point of contact. Not only do we identify technical SEO issues on your site as they arise, we coordinate and implement the fixes too, so you don’t have to manage a thing.

White label SEO

If you’re a marketing agency, web host, or a consultant, this service is ideal for you. White labelling is a great way to expand your portfolio of services.

If your clients could benefit from monthly SEO management but you don’t have the bandwidth to provide these services yourself, you can delegate the task to us, knowing full well that we’ll deliver on time, every month.

As white label SEO service providers, we have no claim over the work that we’ll do on your behalf. We’ll do everything in our power to ensure zero conflict of interest — never informing your clients of our involvement.

Monthly SEO packages — what’s involved?

The nuances of any SEO retainer will vary from business to business. If you’re 100% certain about what you want, feel free to create your very own SEO package from our list of services.

Our hottest selling monthly SEO packages include:

If you’re unsure as to what your website needs, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll create a package that suits your specific needs.